Value-creating solutions

Many technologies are available to help you speed up your digital transformation, and every day new applications are created that hold a lot of promise. At idexia, we've chosen to focus on integrating and supporting innovative solutions that integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft 365 and Azure ecosystems and that provide you with a real advantage.

This advantage lies in accelerating innovative functionality integration to meet a wide range of needs, reducing development time normally required to achieve convincing results, while rapidly improving your teams' performance. Our certified teams of experts see to all the details, and nothing is left to chance!

Intranet and Smart Document Management (SDM)

SharePoint Online will easily meet most of your intranet production and Smart Document Management (SDM) needs. SharePoint Online also allows you to set up your classification schemes and retention rules to comply with recent and relevant legislation.

Moreover, additional applications and features can speed up the implementation of an effective information management strategy to make your critical and sensitive content more visible.

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Process automation

Organizational efficiency relies on an intrinsic understanding of business processes and their real-time optimizations. However, organizational efficiency is often easier to describe than achieve! Our experienced teams will lead you through a process that uses native Microsoft solutions, combined with specialized partner solutions if appropriate. In this way, you'll develop the skills to map your processes with the right tools, and then take the next step to automate them

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Project management

We've developed a solution specifically designed to meet government agency needs using Microsoft Project Online for project and portfolio management by integrating the M365 suite and Power Platform, including Microsoft Power BI.

We also provide integration with BrightWork and BrightWork 365, world-class solutions that customers recognize for their flexibility, ease of roll-out and ability to deliver real value to organizations.

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Member and association management

We integrate the iMIS 20 Engagement Management System (EMS™) solution. This integrated management system lets your organization actively engage with members, donors and other partners – as well as employees – anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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Staffing and competency management

Our SAAS Dot+ solution is specifically designed for both public and private sector organizations and provides comprehensive support for the entire recruitment and staffing process, while making the most of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Also within the Microsoft ecosystem, we've developed a competency management solution that enables any company to maintain the level of competencies required for the proper running of operations within their workforce. This is critical when you have a shortage of labour and need to effectively manage critical skills so that business continuity isn’t jeopardized.

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