Migrating to cloud computing is one of the best decisions you will ever make for your organization. But there are some pitfalls to avoid to get the best return on your investment. Once you've started offloading your server environments and have selected your future cloud services, you'll need to consider what form your migration will take. This review must:

  • Produce an inventory of the documentation to be migrated;
  • Produce an inventory of your workflows (automation) to be migrated;
  • Ensure that, following a 365 governance implementation, access to documents will be intuitive for internal and external stakeholders;
  • Define security and compliance initiative formats;
  • Configure your migration scripts based on your requirements.

Assisted by our experts, you'll be ready to spring into action. It’s essential to avoid reproducing the same configuration in your server environments in a cloud computing environment. If your documents are currently structured in folders with complex access paths with letters K, P or S, simplification will be required. If they are easily accessible by a USB key, or if they are sometimes protected by a password that allows indiscriminate access to everything in them, we'll help you build up your skills so that you can set up a modern document management system.

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Cloud migration 101

Microsoft 365 governance

The key change in cloud computing doesn’t involve allowing access to files, but rather ensuring that relevant information follows the relevant employee based on their role in the organization.

Information architecture

Switching from a file-based architecture to an organic architecture based on your business needs takes work! Fortunately, we have the expertise to help you make the leap. Cloud computing should simplify your work, not make it more complex.

Developing your access and filing processes

Once the architecture work is completed, simplifying document access by configuring SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive is a snap!

Change management and training

Our experts will guide you through the entire migration process. However, the migration process will trigger changes in your colleagues’ work methods. Our training experts will help you manage the change to enable the widespread adoption of these new methods.

What are the net gains of a successful cloud migration?

Beyond the financial considerations related to the ever-increasing costs of maintaining complex on-premise physical infrastructures, the rapid gains your organization will see lie in simplified access to documents within a more coherent framework. This transformation of work, which we cover in our digital transformation of work section will be more secure while still being user-friendly, in stark contrast to your current environments. With Microsoft 365, everything is connected in a logical, powerful and efficient whole.

Thanks to this interlinking of elements, you can then move on to even more impressive features such as the integration of complex automation and even artificial intelligence components via Microsoft Cognitive Services.


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