Microsoft promises to boost your productivity with the best solutions. But your organization is facing very real realities, such as labour scarcity, increasing workforce pressures, and the need to do more with less. The status quo presents risks, and change is essential. This is where our experts can help you reach your full technological potential on such critical projects as :

  • Microsoft 365 governance integration;
  • Smart Document Management (SDM) implementation in SharePoint Online;
  • New intranet site or equivalent solution development;
  • Collaboration optimization for Microsoft SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive, including the Microsoft VIVA suite for knowledge management and employee engagement;
  • Advanced application use to set up your classification schemes and retention and archiving rules to comply with recent and relevant legislation.

These components are interlinked. For instance, when it comes to Smart Document Management (SDM) in Microsoft 365 — the visible element of which would be a new intranet — the emphasis would be on an approach based on SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive solutions. These solutions deliver intuitive document management by integrating relevant metadata with specific frameworks, thus addressing the individual needs of your employees while generating a broader synergy across your organization. However, the starting point remains the same: setting up Microsoft 365 governance to address rights and access, as well as prioritizing content for priority groups.

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The digital transformation of work in essence

Microsoft 365 governance

Will help you define your information strategy in terms of content rights, access, and responsibilities.

Information architecture

will be necessary to structure your content and establish rules for the use of synchronized tools such as SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive. A review of metadata and its role in identity-based search will be carried out.

Work environment development

becomes effortless because it meets the needs expressed during the governance and architecture processes. That is why we develop technological structures tailored to the realities of an organization, and not the other way around.

Training and change management

can crystallize the knowledge gained during the project into new business practices. The organization’s decision makers will have developed the critical skills to ensure the sustainability of the initiatives.

What net gains does the digital transformation of work offer?

A successful digital transformation of work leads to significant advances for an organization.

On the level of observable and tangible gains, there is tangible growth in the efficiency of an organization’s internal and external communication processes leading to a genuine information management strategy. In concrete terms, information follows the user according to their role in the organization and is prioritized according to relevance. It can be located more quickly using a powerful search engine, and its classification will be automated based on simple rules. Organizational performance indicators are greatly improved because work is accomplished more easily, and employees are relieved of too often redundant tasks with little added value.

Organizational consistency through the newly implemented communications logic is among the more difficult to measure but most powerful gains are organizational consistency through the new communications logic implemented: employees have access to what they need at the right time, get relevant feedback following their actions, regardless of the device they use or the location from which they work.

The new work environment is positive, secure, relevant, logical and productive to the great satisfaction of all the organization’s stakeholders.


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