Responsive to trends

Our experts work with today’s best technologies and are constantly monitoring upcoming technologies.

Because of our strong partnership with Microsoft, we actively collaborate with them as soon as a new solution is developed.

Then, our teams hold solution integration workshops and develop new cutting-edge expertise. As a result, any new trend quickly becomes a tangible opportunity that we develop in a climate of healthy collaboration.

Customized career development plan

Because your professional goals are unique, so should your development as an expert. Our customized development plan is guaranteed to be a good fit for you.

Thanks to our partnership with Microsoft, you’ll have access to all the programs and training content required to achieve the highest levels of certification to meet your goals.

If you’re ready to take charge of your career development, the idexia team will be your number one partner.

We’re equipped to help you go farther.

We don’t reinvent the wheel. From the idea to the execution, things quickly get real when we’re working with our clients.

Through our responsiveness to new trends and our development plan, you can work with the largest organizations that use the latest technologies.

The future is here and now. Want to contribute to it? We’d love to discuss it with you.

Support for experts

At idexia, we recognize how important people are, which is why supporting our experts is a priority for us. Cutting to the chase, we’ll offer you a comprehensive package that includes (but is by no means limited to) the following:

A progressive career plan

A customized retirement savings plan

An insurance plan adapted to your reality and needs

A flexible hybrid work environment

…and many other benefits to discover

Come and see!

At idexia, we live and apply our values every day






Does the following describe you? We’re interested in the answer!

You like a job well done. You recognize that a team can work wonders through diversity and complementarity. You’re motivated by meeting clients’ goals and ensuring their success. You know that being courageous is often the most difficult path, but one that yields the most results. Mutual aid benefits everyone.

Does the above resonate with you? Then we definitely want to talk to you!

Why choose Idexia ?

Flexible work week

Hybrid work mode

Generous, comprehensive insurance plan

Competitive and personalized retirement plan

Evolution training program

Progressive career plan

Health and Wellness Bonus

and even a paid day off on your birthday!