About us

Idexia is well positioned on the Canadian technology scene. Our expertise in the Microsoft productivity, collaboration and development ecosystem makes us one of the leading providers of services and solutions in this field: M365, SharePoint, the Microsoft Power Platform, .Net and Azure hold no secrets for us. More than 85 dedicated people generate value for our clients daily by way of technology. idexia is the result of the merger between Groupe Metalogique and Novexe, two leading players in the Microsoft ecosystem for over 13 years.

Our culture is rooted in the desire to reach new heights as a team with our clients, in a friendly and synergistic way. We work on forward-looking projects; nothing excites us more than seeing one of our client’s succeed and our contribution helping them change the world!


Idexia represents the idea that inspires a project and its execution and business intelligence… It’s that simple!

Our management team

Claude Vézina
Chief Executive Officer
Eric Fontaine
Executive Vice-President
Jérémie Lavoie
Senior Vice President Operations
Daniel Hallé
Vice-President Strategy and Corporate Development
Denis Corbin
Vice-President Human Capital
Marc Lindsay
Vice-President Products, Solutions and Custom Development
Annick Battisti
Director Human Capital
Eric Lalancette
Vice-President Sales and Marketing
Rijamalala Razafindralambo
Director Research, Innovation and Development
François Breton
Director M365 Technological Orientation
Jean-François Couturier
Director of Consulting Services
Luc Jetté
Director of Culture and Idexia Experience
Our engagements

To our clients

Turn ideas into tangible, sustainable solutions through flawless execution

Work as a team and in perfect synergy with all stakeholders

Create value within every initiative and project

Provide the best Microsoft ecosystem advice, solutions and innovations

Provide unparalleled service quality and solutions

Be fully transparent; we tell our clients what's really going on

Boldly innovate because innovation is the key to organizational effectiveness

To our employees

Be enthusiastic and dedicated on a daily basis

Promote an amazing employee experience and company culture

Be an employer of choice that truly supports and guides its people

Foster daily job satisfaction and a sense of making a difference

Approach work from an optimistic perspective

Provide employees with the best tools, systems and technologies available

Partner with employees in their career development


Do you love IT and want to help organizations change the world? Join our team!

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